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Here's the lowdown on the plays in 20​21-22 on both of our stages.
Segerstrom Stage
C  L  O  S  E  D
​​by Richard Greenberg
directed by ​Tony Taccone
featuring David Ivers
October 2 - November 4, 2021
World Premiere
Segerstrom Stage

South Coast Repertory’s past and future join forces in a compelling new play about the present. After a long period of isolation, an actor returns to the stage, alone and shaken. This is his story—his moment of reckoning—about what led to his seclusion. Along the winding journey, he draws inspiration from movies and theatre, reflects on missteps and unravels mysteries of love. Artistic Director David Ivers takes the stage in a play written specially for him by one of SCR’s most celebrated legacy playwrights, Tony Award winner Richard Greenberg (Take Me Out, Three Days of Rain).

Recommendation: High school and ​up.

C  L  O  S  E  D

by Charles Dickens
adapted by Jerry Patch
directed by ​Hisa Takakuwa
​featuring Richard Doyle as Ebenezer Scrooge
November ​​​​27 - December ​​​26, 2021
Segerstrom Stage

Orange County’s favorite yuletide tradition continues!  From the first “Bah humbug” to the final “Wassail,” this timeless classic is sure to rekindle your family’s holiday spirit. Join all your favorite Dickens characters—Tiny Tim and the Cratchits, the Fezziwigs, the Ghosts of Christmas past, present and yet-to-come, and of course, everyone’s favorite curmudgeon, Ebenezer Scrooge, now portrayed by beloved SCR Founding Member Richard Doyle.

C  L  O  S  E  D
​​by ​Pearl Cleage
directed by ​​Lou Bellamy
​February 1​9 - March 1​9, 2022
Segerstrom Stage

It’s 1973, Maynard Jackson has just been elected Atlanta’s first African American mayor and the city is poised to become the “new Black capital of America.” Change is in the air—and so is love! As Jackson’s campaign operatives make history, passions ignite and lives get turned upside down—especially when an unexpected visitor breezes back into town. Called “funny and cunning…with whip-smart dialogue” (Chicago Tribune), this fast-paced romantic comedy by the author of Blues for an Alabama Sky and the New York Times bestseller What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day, speaks to the intersection of race, class and gender at a pivotal time.

Beth Lopes

Hal Landon

​​by ​Thornton Wilder
directed by ​​​​Beth Lopes
featuring Hal Landon Jr. as the Stage Manager
​M​ay ​​7 - June ​4, 2022
​Segerstrom Stage

May 7, 1901. Life has begun in Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire. Milk is being delivered. Breakfast is on the stove. We meet the town gossips, the boys who play baseball and the choirmaster with a secret sorrow. And soon teenagers George Gibbs and Emily Webb will go from friends to puppy love to wedding day and beyond—two families forever joined together. And as they come to terms with the meaning of their lives, this Pulitzer Prize-winning American classic beautifully celebrates our own shared humanity. 

Recommendation: Age 12 and ​up.

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Pictured: Beth Lopes and Hal Landon Jr.

Julianne Argyros Stage
C  L  O  S  E  D
​​by ​​Christine Quintana
Spanish translation and adaptation by Paula Zelaya Cervantes
directed by ​Lisa Portes
​March ​​20-April ​10, 2022
Co-World Premiere
Julianne Argyros Stage
part of the Pacific Playwrights Festival

At a luxury resort in Cancún, a storm is brewing—and the lives of two women from different worlds are about to collide. Adriana, a Mexican floor manager at the hotel, reels from the news of her father’s death. Sarah, a Canadian guest attending her sister’s wedding, is haunted by a long-kept secret. Brought together by torrential rain, they’re forced to examine the past, envision the future and face the present. A gripping bilingual drama of female solidarity and survival, Clean is performed in English and Spanish with subtitles in both languages throughout.

Mike Lew

Ralph Pena

​​by ​Mike Lew
directed by ​​​Ralph​ B. Peña
​M​ay ​15 - June ​​5, 2022
Julianne Argyros Stage

What happens when “tiger parenting” goes wrong? Meet Albert and Jennifer Chen—brother and sister, once brilliant students and musicians, now epic failures leading unfulfilling lives. The problem? Their parents set unrealistic standards. The solution? Escape from Irvine and go on an “Asian Freedom Tour” to Shenzen, China—a hilarious, eye-opening journey filled with colorful characters, intrigue and surprise. Expect “comic sparks from the collision between expectations and outcomes” (Boston Globe) in this sharp comedy about today’s family.

Recommendation: High school and ​up. Contains haze effects.

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Pictured: ​Mike Lew and Ralph Peña