Richard and Lisa deLorimier

​​Richard and Lisa de Lorimier.

Love of Theatre Prompts Couple to Make Matching Gift

Lisa and Richard de Lorimier love the arts—especially the immediacy of theatre. Their deep admiration for South Coast Repertory-produced shows has led them to create a matching-gift challenge: for the second year in a row, they will match each new Friend of SCR donation ($75 and up) and each additional contribution, up to a total of $25,000.

“Theatre that is well done is always dynamic,” Richard says. That dynamism is what he and Lisa want to share with Orange County.

“I believe there is room for additional support from the theatre community that’s already supporting SCR,” says Lisa. “And I also believe that others may be incentivized to give for the first time, perhaps by knowing that their gift will be matched and will have a greater impact.”

Richard and Lisa love productions on SCR’s main stages with favorites including All the Way, Moby Dick and Destiny of Desire; but the Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) series tugs at their hearts.

“The first show that I saw at SCR was Sideways Stories from Wayside School,” Richard recalls. It was 2003, the year that SCR launched the series for young audiences. The couple purchased season tickets and took their two children to see each TYA show.

The couple—education sponsors of the theatre and honorary producers for a growing number of Theatre for Young Audiences plays—wants their challenge to attract new audience members and new donors so that they, too, will understand the “phenomenal benefit” that SCR is to the community.

“This is not just providing theatre to an audience,” Lisa says. “This is about kids feeling invited, welcomed, included, and it’s about opening their minds. There are just so many benefits to it that exceed just the theatre experience that we, as adults, sometimes take for granted.”

Make a Gift to Meet the Challenge

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