Student Productions

Junior, Teen and Summer Players

SCR’s Junior Players (grades 5-8), Teen Players (grades 9-12) and Summer Players (grades 4-12) present three productions annually in the Nicholas Studio and Julianne Argyros Stage. Players are chosen through audition from students in SCR Theatre Conservatory’s Kids and Teen Acting Classes.


​dramatized by Tim Kelly
​based on the ​novel by Charles ​Dickens
​directed by Hisa Takakuwa
May ​28 - June ​5, 2022

Young Nicholas Nickleby, penniless after his father’s death, arrives in London seeking a way to care for his mother and sister. Their only hope is the Scrooge-like Uncle Ralph, who sends Nicholas away to Yorkshire to work at a ghastly school for boys. Finding the conditions there abusive, he rescues the wretched orphan Smike and together they embark on an unforgettable adventure, encountering the best and worst of humanity and learning lessons of compassion, loyalty and resilience. The Teen Players, advanced students in SCR’s Theatre Conservatory, bring this comedic melodrama to life, with all the colorful characters, surprising plot twists and jaw-dropping revelations that make it so classically Dickens!

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​by Mike Kenny
directed by ​Mercy Vasquez
March 5-13, 2022

The carnival is in town and little Francine is so mesmerized by the clowns that she follows them and gets lost.  Finally found, she gets a strict warning from her mother​—never wander off because people steal children and eat them!  Later that night, older sister Marie annoyed by Francine, weaves a haunting bedtime story about the carnival, a ghost train and a clever ogress who keeps the clowns well-fed with their favorite delicacy.  The Junior Players, advanced students in SCR’s Theatre Conservatory, present this funny, spooky tale of sibling rivalry, where dreams mix with reality and the moon is always watching over you.

All the characters are portrayed by the ​Junior Players, students (grades ​​5-​​8), chosen by audition after at least two years in SCR's Theatre Conservatory, a year-round actor training program.

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Dates and plays subject to change.