SCR commUNITY is South Coast Repertory’s new digital platform dedicated to amplifying the artists and narratives of our region by producing stories inspired by or about the rich diversity of people living in Southern California. Using “virtual/digital” platforms, SCR commUNITY creates free play readings, interviews, radio plays and original innovative content. SCR commits to engaging Southern California-based writers, actors, directors, composers, designers and other artists to collaborate on these projects that lift our community, celebrate the human kaleidoscope and ensure that all see themselves in our work.

Directed and curated by Juliette Carrillo
Live online Aug. 17, 2020. Available for viewing until Aug. 20

A live online fiesta with readings of four short pieces relating to the historical and cultural importance of masa, including works from Luis Alfaro, Amilcar Jauregui, Lisa Loomer and Diane Rodriguez.
An Interview with Octavio Solis
hosted by Juliette Carrillo
available to watch Aug. 31 - Sept. 6, 2020

Playwright Octavio Solis is best-known to Orange County audiences for La Posada Mágica, which ran for 15 holiday seasons. Solis now lives and writes on his working farm in Medford, Ore. In this entertaining interview, Octavio and wife Jeanne Sexton, former legal counsel for GATX Capital, chat with Juliette Carrillo about raising chickens, goats and their venture into making goat cheese.

Although inspired by a real restaurant, Ten Dollar Taco is a work of fiction. We are grateful to the restaurant industry for their continued service and dedication to our community under the distressing conditions of COVID-19.

A Radio Play
written and directed by Juliette Carrillo
music and sound design by David R. Molina
available to ​stream Sept. ​14-2​7, 2020

SCR commUNITY’s three-part exploration of the legacy, history and family lineage of la comida continues with an original radio play to thrill your senses. Part fantasy, part adventure, part archeological dig, this exciting new work explores the playwright’s growing connection to the culinary artistry of her Mexican and Californian heritage.

Ten Dollar Taco features artists from the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at the University of California, as well as others from throughout the Southern California community.