​Multimedia: 201​​​9-​20 Season

Here's a convenient round-up of information about each production in a season​—including stories, dramaturgical notes, programs, videos, podcasts and more. In addition, read in-depth stories from our Theatre Conservatory and about supporters of SCR's programs.

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201​9-​20 SEASON

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Mountain Meets the Moon Logo and Dragon
PDF: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Study Guide
Learn more about this thrilling musical adventure filled with magic, mystery and fantastical creatures in this study guide.

She Loves Me

Cast of She Loves Me
STORY: The Sweet Subtlety of an Enduring Classic
Dramaturg Andy Knight writes about the many elements that have made She Loves Me into such an enduring and exceptional musical.
Podcast Logo
PODCAST She Loves Me director David Ivers
Artistic Director David Ivers talks about why he loves musicals, what’s cool about She Loves Me and how rehearsals are going for this show that he’s directing.
She Loves Me Title Page
PDF: She Loves Me Program
Learn more about the production, cast & creative team by downloading ​the program for ​​She Loves Me..
Jayme Hood and David St. Louis in Sweeney Todd
STORY: Making a Musical
We’re gearing up for She Loves Me to launch the new year on the Segerstrom Stage, but what exactly does it take to stage a musical? Read on to learn more about the many elements of a musical.
The Cast of She Loves Me
STORY: Meet the Cast: She Loves Me
Sixteen actors—plus a small ensemble of musicians—bring to life the goings-on at Maraczek’s Parfumerie in She Loves Me. Read on to meet the cast.


Christiana Clark
VIDEO: Scenes from Fireflies by Donja R. Love
Somewhere in the Jim Crow South, the sky is on fire. And Charles and Olivia's marriage is beginning to crack. Watch scenes from the production.
Christiana Clark in Fireflies
VIDEO: Praise for Fireflies by Donja R. Love
The gripping drama, Fireflies, has captured audiences with its powerful story. See what reviewers had to say in this video.
Lester Purry and Christiana Clark
VIDEO: The Cast Talks About Fireflies by Donja R. Love
Actors Lester Purry and Christiana Clark talk about Fireflies, directed by Lou Bellamy​.
Fireflies opening night partygoers
SLIDESHOW: Party Play: Fireflies
Opening night for Donja R. Love's Fireflies shined brightly—from stellar performances to a stellar cast party.
Fireflies Logo
STORY: Fully Human: Passion, Faith and Doubt in Fireflies
Dive deep into the story behind Fireflies including an in-depth interview with playwright Donja R. Love.
Lou Bellamy
PODCAST Fireflies Director Lou Bellamy
Lou Bellamy talks about his approach to directing Donja R. Love’s gripping drama, Fireflies, and how the it answers for a question he asks about each play he works on. 
Christiana Clark and Lester Purry
STORY: Meet the Cast: Fireflies
Two actors make their SCR debuts, bringing to life the gripping drama Fireflies by Donja R. Love. Read more about them.
Fireflies Title Page
PDF: Fireflies Program
Learn more about the production, cast & creative team by downloading ​the program for ​​Fireflies.

A Christmas Carol

Tom and Donna Ruzika
STORY: Forty Years in Lights: Meet Tom & Donna Ruzika
This year, Donna and Tom Ruzika mark 40 years of creating the light​s for A Christmas Carol. In this Q&A, they talked about what drew each of them to lighting design, to SCR and all about A Christmas Carol.
ACC Title Page
PDF: A Christmas Carol Program
Learn more about the production, cast & creative team by downloading ​the program for ​​A Christmas Carol
Don Took and Hal Landon in A Christmas Carol
STORY: SCR Founding Artist Don Took Reflects on A Christmas Carol
SCR Founding Artist Don Took played Jacob Marley’s Ghost in A Christmas Carol for 26 years. We asked him to share some of his favorite memories.
Hal and Kate Landon
STORY: My Dad is Ebenezer Scrooge
Kate (Landon) Coogan grew up while her dad portrayed Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. While her dad prepares to bid farewell to the role, she shares her memories of growing up as a ‘kid of Scrooge.’
Patch, Doyle, Landon, Keller and Koustik
STORY: Jerry Patch: On the Beach, a Victorian Christmas and Sunshine
Forty years ago, Jerry Patch’s summer had a routine: wake up early—around 4:30 a.m.—and work with Charles Dickens. Learn more about how the adaption of A Christmas Carol came ​to life.
Art Koustik, Richard Doyle and the cast of A Christmas Carol
STORY: Meet Longtime Christmas Carol Actors Art Koustik and Richard Doyle
Actors Art Koustik and Richard Doyle portray some beloved characters in A Christmas Carol. ​Learn more about their combined 75 “years” in Orange County’s favorite holiday show.
Christmas Carol Cast
STORY: Meet the Cast of A Christmas Carol
Cast members for A Christmas Carol agree that the play is like family to them. Find out more ​about them.
Christmas Carol Cast
VIDEO: Song and Dance from A Christmas Carol
Get into the holiday spirit with clips from A Christmas Carol.
The Kids of A Christmas Carol
VIDEO: Meet the Kids of A Christmas Carol 2019
Sixteen young acting students auditioned for and were cast in roles ranging from the Cratchits to Turkey Boy to Girl About Town to party guests. Meet them in this video.
Hal Landon Jr.
VIDEO: A Christmas Carol: The Hat Trick
Hal Landon Jr. performs his famous hat trick in the 40th Anniversay production of A Christmas Carol at South Coast Repertory.
JD Keller and Martha McFarland
STORY: A Conversation with John-David Keller, Longtime Director of A Christmas Carol
Keller will be stepping down from directing after being at the helm for 40 years. We caught up with ​him to find out what he will miss the most.
Howard Shangraw and Hal Landon Jr.
STORY: By the Numbers: A Christmas Carol at 40
As A Christmas Carol marks its 40th year, Orange County’s favorite (and longest-running) holiday show has delighted nearly 575,000 audience members. Here are some other fun facts for fans of the show.
STORY: A Four-Decade Family Tradition
Over the past year, ​SCR has asked audience members to share their stories of the Christmas Carol tradition in their families. Here are some of the responses we received
Hal Landon Jr.
​PODCAST: Hal Landon Jr. Talks A Christmas Carol
On his 40th and final year with the iconic Orange County production, Landon talks red scarves, somersaults and lessons learned from Ebenezer Scrooge.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

The Cast of Alexander
STORY: Meet the Cast: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Seven actors portray nearly 20 different characters and they bring a range of credits and experience to their performances. Read on to meet them.
Alexander Title Page
PDF: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Program
Learn more about the production, cast & creative team by downloading ​the program for ​​Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
STORY: Alexander & Australian Fun Facts
In the musical Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Alexander really loves the Land Down Under. We’ve gathered some fun facts about the country’s animals, culture, people and attractions.
Alexander Book Cover
STORY: Alexander and His Terrible, Horrible, No Good—Yet Everlasting—Day
Everybody has bad days. But, as young Alexander learns, tomorrow will probably be better. Read more about playwright Judith Viorst’s upbeat view of life.
Alexander Logo
PDF: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Study Guide
Learn more about ​Alexander—this delightful musical that can put a smile on the crabbiest of faces—in this study guide.
Judith Viorst
STORY: Meet Judith Viorst, Author of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Learn more about this prolific author of children’s books and more.


Jinn Kim and Sab Shimono
STORY: The Language of a Korean-American Family
Julia Cho’s Aubergine centers around family, food, love, loss and life often in the Korean language. Learn how Korean family names ​are quite differently than family names in English.
Jully Lee
VIDEO: Scenes from Julia Cho's Aubergine
Sometimes a meal is more than just food. The perfect bite transcends time and cultural differences in this poetic tale of love, loss and healing. Get a feel for the play in these video scenes.
First Night
SLIDESHOW: Party Play: Aubergine
Opening night for Julia Cho’s Aubergine shined brightly—from stellar performances to a stellar cast party.
Lisa Peterson
​PODCAST: Aubergine Director Lisa Peterson
Director Lisa Peterson and playwright Julia Cho’s friendship goes way back, so she jumped at the chance to helm Aubergine. ​When she first saw the play, its story hit very close to home.
Food with Chopsticks
STORY: The Rise of Korean Cuisine
With food as one of Aubergine’s dominant themes, thought we'd round up some information about the steadily increasing popularity of Korean cuisine in the U.S.
Jully Lee
VIDEO: Aubergine by Julia Cho is About...
The story of Aubergine in the words of its cast members.
Sab Shimono
STORY: The Flavors of Remembrance
Food as sustenance for the body and soul is at the heart of Aubergine. Learn more about the play from the show’s dramaturg.
Aubergine Title Page
PDF: Aubergine program
Learn more about the production, cast & creative team by downloading ​the program for ​​Aubergine.
Aubergine Cast
STORY: Meet the Cast: Aubergine
The seven actors in Aubergine are a mix of those familiar to SCR audiences and those making their debut. They are Obie Award-winners, Broadway veterans, children of aging parents and more. Read on to meet the cast.

The Canadians

Audience Members
VIDEO: The Canadians Audience Reactions
Audiences are loving ​Adam Bock’s quick change world premiere comedy, The Canadians. See what they have to say.
Kyle Hester and Daniel Chung
VIDEO: Scenes from The Canadians
Watch scenes from The Canadians—the quick-change comedy where five actors play a ship-load of characters and small chances might lead to big changes.
Jamie Castaneda
PODCAST: The Canadians Director Jaime Castañeda
In this edition of The SCR Podcast, the show’s director, Jaime Castañeda, talks about how the play has developed over the past year, through readings and workshops, leading to its world premiere.
Canadians Cast and Producers
STORY: Party Play: The Canadians
The world premiere of The Canadians, the latest work from award-winning playwright Adam Bock, opened to an enthusiastic First Night audience​. Read more about it and watch the video.
Kyle Hester
VIDEO: Meet the Cast of The Canadians
Who are some of the more than 15 characters you’ll meet in playwright Adam Bock’s new comedy, The Canadians? Five actors portray more than 15 characters—meet some of them in our new video.
Andy Knight and Adam Bock
VIDEO: Live ​with The Canadians Playwright Adam Bock
Literary Manager Andy Knight and playwright Adam Bock talk about the upcoming world premiere of Bock’s comedy, The Canadians.
Canadian Flag
STORY: Canadian Slang, Eh?
Canadians have an “unofficial” language—that of Canadian slang. Brush up on your Canadian slang here before attending a performance of The Canadians.  
Canadians Title Page
PDF: The Canadians program
Learn more about the production, cast & creative team by downloading ​the program for ​​The Canadians.
Adam Bock
STORY: Three Questions for Playwright Adam Bock
We caught up with Bock to ask him a few questions about his early playwriting efforts, the play that changed his life and what we should know about The Canadians.
The Cast of Canadians
STORY: Meet the Cast: The Canadians
Five cast members bring to life Adam Bock’s new comedy, The Canadians. The actors talk about the playwright, what in the play makes them laugh and their favorite cruise drink.

American Mariachi

American Mariachi Scenes
VIDEO: Critics Rave for American Mariachi
Sometimes joyous, sometimes soulful, mariachi music is filling every nook and cranny of the Segerstrom—and reviewers are loving every minute of it.
Screen Capture of American Mariaichi video
VIDEO: Why American Mariachi Is Important Now
Watch the cast talk about this play that lets Orange County residents see themselves onstage.
American Mariachi Opening Night
STORY: Party Play: American Mariachi
American Mariachi opened on the Segerstrom Stage to an enthusiastic and appreciative audience. First Night guests were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet and mingle with the entire cast ​at the post-show party.
Scenes from American Mariachi
VIDEO: Scenes from American Mariachi
Lucha dreams of forming a mariachi band in this big-hearted comedy with live music. Watch excerpts from ​American Mariachi​.
American Mariachi Audience
VIDEO: American Mariachi Audience Reactions
Audiences members are loving American Mariachi by José Cruz González. Check out what they have to say.
American Mariachi Podcast
PODCAST: American Mariachi Podcast
Music director Cynthia Reifler Flores and actors Gabriela Carrillo and Diana Burbano all feel the power and beauty of American Mariachi. In this ​podcast, they talk about what the play means to them—and what they’re learning from it.
American Mariachi Cast
STORY: Meet the Cast of American Mariachi
Nine actors plus five musicians are bringing to life the 1970s mariachi-infused world of American Mariachi. They love this story about family, love and discovering the power of music. Meet the cast.
Jose Gonzalez and Kat Zukaitis
VIDEO: Live With American Mariachi Playwright Jose Cruz Gonzalez
Get the scoop on the play in this discussion between Gonzalez and associate literary manager and dramaturg Kat Zukaitis.
Diana Burbano
STORY: Actor, Teacher, Playwright: The Many Roles of Diana Burbano
Diana Burbano is a familiar face around SCR, as the actor and playwright is also a Conservatory instructor. As an actor, she’s appearing in American Mariachi. ​Learn more about her in this Q&A.
American Mariachi Title Page
PDF: American Mariachi program
Learn more about the production, cast & creative team by downloading ​the program for ​​American Mariachi.
Mariachi Team
VIDEO: David Ivers Chats with the ​American Mariachi Team
It's day 2 of ​American Mariachi auditions and we caught up with playwright José Cruz González, director Christopher Acebo and music director Cynthia Flores to get some inside scoop on the show.
Jalisco Mariachi
STORY: History of Mariachi
The mariachi style of music dates back to at least the 18th century, where it evolved over time in Western Mexico. Learn more about mariachi history and the regions where groups performed.

Adult Acting and Playwriting Classes

STORY: Paying It Forward for Acting
We caught up with new SCR teacher Michael Matthys to find out more as he prepares to teach Act III: Advanced Scene Study and Characterization beginning Jan. 27, 2020.
Art Buggeman and Daniel Reichert
STORY: Taking an Acting Class Leads to Exceptional Life Experience
Art Brueggeman is retired. He started taking acting classes in SCR's Theatre Conservatory in 2019. We asked him to share with us some of his experiences.
Emily, Jan and Richard
VIDEO: SCR Podcast with Emily Heebner, Jan Cole and Richard Soto
We recently sat down with three longtime Theatre Conservatory faculty members—Emily Heebner, Jan Cole and Richard Soto—and asked about what you can expect in adult acting classes at SCR.
Jay Scully
STORY: Meet Jay Scully, Acting Coach and Conservatory Instructor
Scully has worked on set as an acting teacher​ and coached a number of Hollywood’s top actors privately. Now he’s the instructor of SCR’s On-Camera Audition and Performance Technique class.
Greg Atkins
STORY: Summer Vacation Update: Conservatory Instructor Greg Atkins
Greg Atkins will be teaching two improvisation classes in South Coast Repertory's Theatre Conservatory in the fall​ which continues his more than three-decade relationship with the theatre.
Emily Heebner
STORY: Summer Vacation Update: Conservatory Instructor Emily Heebner
member Emily Heebner, who teaches acting classes and had her young adult novel, Seneca Lake published over the summer.

Top photo: Jules Willcox and Paige Lindsey White in ​SCR's 201​​8 ​production of ​Kings. Photo by Debora Robinson.