Audience Enrichment

Inside the Season

Join us for two-hour, interactive Saturday morning seminars that reveal secrets and offer fascinating insights into our nine season productions. Conducted by members of the literary staff, these lively sessions feature in-depth interviews with cast members, people from the creative team and artisans from SCR's production staff. Discover how the industry's most accomplished theatre professionals breathe life into plays on the Segerstrom and Julianne Argyros stages. Audience questions and comments are encouraged, and you might even get invited onstage to explore the set!

Sessions of "Inside the Season" take place from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., usually preceding the second Saturday matinee of each production. Tickets are $12 per session and can be purchased in advance as well as at the door.

201​​​8-1​​9 Season Dates:

Saturday, September ​22, 2018

From the production side, our first guest will be the stage manager, Bree Sherry. At SCR, she’s also stage managed Destiny of Desire, A Doll’s House Part 2, and Curve of Departure. She attended the Yale school of drama in stage management, and has worked on productions and festivals across the country. She’s also currently on faculty at Cal Arts. Join us to hear about the intricacies of running this large and technically complicated show!

From the cast, we will be joined by two newcomers to SCR who play the well-matched leads of Elinor and Edward. Josh Odess-Rubin has roots in Orange County, having earned his MFA in acting at UC Irvine and since has been seen on stages around the country. Hilary Ward also has local connections as well, having earned her MFA in acting at UC San Diego. She’s LA based and also has a number of film credits in addition to her stage work. Come and ask them questions about creating a Regency Era character through a modern lens.


Post-Show Discussions

Following selected performances of Segerstrom and Argyros productions, a literary staff member—in most cases, the production dramaturg—moderates informal question-and-answer sessions with actors from the cast. This unique opportunity to access firsthand information about the production from the actor's perspective—and to give them your immediate feedback—is guaranteed to enhance the theatre-going experience. Post-Show Discussions begin approximately five minutes after the end of the performance and typically last 20-30 minutes. 

201​​​8-1​9 Season Dates:

    Tuesday, March ​12, and
    Wednesday, March 1​3, 201​9

    Wednesday, April ​10, and
    Tuesday, April 1​6, 201​9 

    Tuesday, April ​23, and
    Wednesday, April ​24, 201​9 

    Wednesday, May ​22, and
    Tuesday, May 2​8, 201​9