​Red Riding Hood
by Allison Gregory
directed by Shannon Flynn

Study Guide and Program

Study Guide
PDF: Red Riding Hood Study Guide
Learn more, get insights and activities in this study guide.

Stories and Video

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Larry Bates and Nell Geisslinger
Meet the Cast of Red Riding Hood

Meet Larry Bates (Wolfgang) and the Delivery Person (Nell Geisslinger).

Study Guide
The Story of *This* Red Riding Hood

Get the scoop on playwright Allison Gregory’s story of Red Riding Hood.

Le Petit Chaperon
The Many Ways Red Riding Hood’s Story Has Been Told

Here are some of the different ways—and media used​.

Making Theatre in the Time of COVID

​SCR has returned to producing theatre—creating and filming the Theatre for Young Audiences Family show, Red Riding Hood. Learn how SCR safely created the environment for the play.

Birch Trees
Creating the Textures of Tree Bark for Red Riding Hood

​In this show-and-tell, Jen Stringfellow, South Coast Repertory's scenic charge artist, shares how her team created the realistic textures of tree bark found on the set of Red Riding Hood.


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