Acting, Musical Theatre and Playwriting Classes—In-Person and Online

More than 4​5 years ago, ​South Coast Repertory designed an actor​-training program. The Adult Conservatory was established with the mission to create classes that would be fun and informative—for people of every age and ability. Today, the program includes classes in playwriting and musical theatre, ​plus there’s a large variety of acting choices that enable students to arrange their own curriculum, based on interest and skill.


​​​​​​Summer: ​​​​​June 21 - Aug. 9, 20​2​​2
Fall: ​​​​​Sept. 26 - Nov. 16, 20​2​​2
​​​​​​​Winter: ​​​​​Jan. 23 - Mar. 15, 20​2​​​3

Most classes are offered every session, bu​t can not be guaranteed. 

These 202​1-22 ​​​​​​​Summer classes will be offered for $3​60 for the 8-week session. (Discounts available for early enrollment.)
Proof of vaccination required. Masks no longer required but you may wear one if you choose.

Act I: Basic Skills
Act II: Intermediate Acting
Act III: Advanced Scene Study
Musical Theatre
Advanced Improv

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New to Acting?

Those with no acting experience will find this is just the place for personal growth and development, whether polishing communication skills, overcoming shyness or just gaining a little spontaneity in their lives. There’s no pressure in our classes; it’s all about relaxing and enjoying the acting experience—and making new friends along the way.

Some Acting Experience?

Most students find​ that they gain confidence in their first acting class and want to try another session. Others with previous acting experience may just want to hone their skills. For these students, it’s time to move on to the next level or maybe add a little music, film or improv to the mix.

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​Thinking on the spot—that’s a benefit of being able to improvise. Improv skills are an essential part of an actor’s toolkit. Not only does improv prepare an actor for auditions and performances, but ​it also helps to boost confidence and overcome shyness. But improv isn’t just for actors: whether you’re going on a job interview, speaking in public, meeting new people or directing a business meeting, improvisation skills are an important part of everyday life.

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Musical Theatre

If you can speak, you can sing! ​Our Musical Theatre class offers an approach to the repertoire of Broadway songs from the standpoint of the actor—how to act a song, not just sing it. ​You'll learn to approach songs as if they’re musical monologues and find new techniques of expression, relaxation and freedom. Students from all levels of musical experience are welcome.

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Almost everyone has an idea that would make a great script. This is the place to learn the ingredients that go into a dramatic story, starting at the beginning with an introduction to playwriting skills and advancing through the program—with the goal of finishing a full-length play.

Serious about Acting?

At this ​point, serious students have the opportunity to repeat a favorite class or go on to the most advanced level—which will complete their training in the adult program. Then, with a solid acting foundation and belief in their talent, they may choose to audition for SCR’s Acting Intensive Program for career-minded actors.

Tony Award-winning South Coast Repertory has been at the forefront of theatre in America for more than 50 years. The Theatre Conservatory and its staff of professional working artists have been an integral part of SCR from the theatre's start, with the goals of laying a strong training foundation and enriching the lives of all its students.

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