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Three Sisters PlaysThree Sisters Plays
From Shakespeare's King Lear to Chekhov's The Three Sisters to Wendy Wasserstein's The Sisters Rosensweig, ​sisters are important. Find out more about how playwrights have written about sisters in this article by dramaturg Jerry Patch.
Kristina Leach on Cursed.Playwright Kristina Leach: On the Process of Writing Cursed., Her New Work for SCR’s Teen Players
With her new play Cursed., playwright Kristina Leach explains her approach to writing specifically for teen actors.
Sofia Alvarez on Amos & BorisMeet Sofia Alvarez, Playwright of Amos & Boris
Playwright and screenwriter Sofia Alvarez makes her debut in musical theatre for young audiences with her adaptation of Amos & Boris.​ Learn more about her process of bringing this children’s classic to the stage.
Scenes from Little Black ShadowsScenes from Little Black Shadows by Kemp Powers
Toy and Colis spend long days on the plantation serving Mittie and Daniel. But ​at night their world comes alive beneath their masters’ beds where they whisper stories to each other through a vent in the wall.
Little Black Shadows Party PlayParty Play: Little Black Shadows
From the opening scene, Little Black Shadows captured the First Night audience’s attention and never let up. Playwright Kemp Powers’ family drama enthralled theatregoers and transported them to a Georgia plantation in the 1850s.
Meet the Cast of Little Black ShadowsMeet the Cast: Little Black Shadows
Creating characters for a world premiere is special for the six actors in Little Black Shadows. Read more about them and the play.
An Interview with Kemp PowersKemp Powers on his Play Little Black Shadows
Watch playwright Kemp Powers talk about his research and story development for Little Black Shadows.
Southern GothicElements of a Southern Gothic
Kemp Powers’ compelling new play Little Black Shadows contains elements of a Southern Gothic tale. Read on to learn more about this enduring genre.
Little Black ShadowsThrough the Eyes of Children
Dramaturg Kimberly Colburn writes about the family drama that unfolds in Little Black Shadows—as seen through children’s eyes.
Kara WalkerThe Silhouettes of the Play
Little Black Shadows projection designer Hana S. Kim finds inspiration in the silhouette works of Kara Walker