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David IversMeet Artistic Director David Ivers

David Ivers is an acclaimed director, educator and actor who became South Coast Repertory’s artistic director in 2018.

VIDEO: Audience MemberSweeney Todd Audience Reactions

Audiences are loving Stephen Sondheim's Tony Award-winning masterpiece that the New York Daily News proclaimed was, “more fun than a graveyard on the night of the annual skeleton’s ball.”

The set for Sweeney ToddStagecraft in the Age of Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd is set against the backdrop of the Industrial Revolution, a time of rapid technological change and sweeping social changes. Learn more about the fascinating Victorian Stagecraft of this era.

Mo WillemsAn Interview with Author and Playwright Mo Willems

Learn more about Mo Willems, author and playwright of Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed, in this Q&A with critic John A. Sellers.

Sweeney Todd LogoThe Trappings of a Musical Thriller

What are the ingredients to a musical thriller like Sweeney Todd? Read about them.

Naked Mole Rat LogoNaked Mole Rat Gets Dressed – A Story Overview

Wilbur is different from the other mole rats—he wears clothes and he likes it! Learn more about this outrageously fun musical for the whole family.

Cartoon of Barbers and Surgeons fightingA Barber’s Role in Victorian England

A barber’s role was far from glamorous during the time of Sweeney Todd. Read on to learn more about the various duties of a barber-surgeon.

Stephanie Zimbalist and Mark Jacoby in A Little Night MusicSondheim Musicals at SCR

The Tony Award-winning Sweeney Todd marks the seventh time the work of acclaimed composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim has been produced at SCR. Learn more about the previous Sondheim productions staged here.