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Ten Dollar Taco Logo
Listen to Ten Dollar Taco

Listen to Ten Dollar Taco on "The SCR Podcast" on your favorite podcast app, on YouTube or here. Although inspired by a real restaurant, Ten Dollar Taco is a work of fiction. We are grateful to the restaurant industry for their continued service and dedication to our community under the distressing conditions of COVID-19.

Throwback Thursday: The Canadians

One year ago this week SCR opened the world premiere of The Canadians by Adam Bock. This comedy brought queer representation on stage and we celebrated with LGBTQ audiences at our LGBTQ and college nights throughout the run​.

Junie B. Jones
Theatre Game

How many differences can you spot in this photo from Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook?

Nate Dendy
A Moment of Stagecraft: Key Light

The light that shines down on an actor to focus attention on them is called a key light. It’s intended to put attention on some aspect of their character. Find out more about how this lighting effect is used.

David Kay Mickelsen
Throwback Thursday: David Kay Mickelsen

​Mickelsen has designed costumes for nearly a dozen SCR productions. Check out ​his favorite SCR shows.

Death of a Salesman
Theatre Game

Can you guess which of these plays is NOT by Arthur Miller?

Ten Dollar Taco Logo
A Feast Your Senses—Ten Dollar Taco

Radio plays—theatre of the mind, where images are created only through dialogue and sound—are enjoying a renaissance and we have a delicious one for you: Ten Dollar Taco by Juliette Carrillo.

A Moment of Stagecraft: Puppets

The puppets in Mr. Popper’s Penguins​ come from the creative mind of designer Sean T. Cawelti, who was first drawn to the art form as a child. Learn about him and how he created an adorable penguin family for our 2016 production.

Sara Clement
Throwback Thursday: Sara Ryung Clement

Clement has designed costumes (and sets) for more than 20 SCR productions. Check out her other favorite SCR shows.

LBJ Prothetic
A Moment of Stagecraft:

In the 2016 production of All the Way, Hugo Armstrong played Lyndon Baines Johnson. And with the help of Academy Award-winning makeup artist Keven Haney, he was also a doppelganger for LBJ. Learn more about the incredible transformation in this blog story.

Tongue Twisters
Tongue Twisters

Actors often use tongue twisters as vocal warmups and to give articulation muscles a good workout. Try these and see how you do!

Throwback Thursday
Throwback Thursday: Hal Landon Jr.

In addition to Ebenezer Scrooge, actor Hal Landon Jr. has been in nearly 150 productions at SCR! Here are a few of his favorites.