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Canadian Flag
Canadian Slang, Eh?
Canadians have an “unofficial” language—that of Canadian slang. Brush up on your Canadian slang here before attending a performance of The Canadians.
People Dancing at the Gala
Party Play: “Play Your Part” 2019 Gala
The 2019-20 Gala – “Play Your Part” – was a memorable evening that celebrated the theatrical arts in a stunning way. Read on to learn more about this spectacular event.
Mariachi Audience
American Mariachi Audience Reactions
Audiences members are loving American Mariachi by José Cruz González. Check out what they have to say.
Flores and Burbano
American Mariachi Podcast
Music director Cynthia Reifler Flores and actors Gabriela Carrillo and Diana Burbano all feel the power and beauty of American Mariachi. In this ​podcast, they talk about what the play means to them—and what they’re learning from it.
The Cast of the Canadians
Meet the Cast: The Canadians
Five cast members bring to life Adam Bock’s new comedy, The Canadians. The actors talk about the playwright, what in the play makes them laugh and their favorite cruise drink.
Conservatory Instructor Emily Heebner
Learn more about Adult Conservatory faculty member Emily Heebner, who teaches acting classes and had her young adult novel, Seneca Lake published over the summer.
Jose Gonzalez and Kat Zukaitis
Live With American Mariachi Playwright Jose Cruz Gonzalez
Get the scoop on the play in this discussion between Gonzalez and associate literary manager and dramaturg Kat Zukaitis.
American Mariachi Cast
Meet the Cast of American Mariachi
Nine actors plus five musicians are bringing to life the 1970s mariachi-infused world of José Cruz González’s American Mariachi. They love this story about dreaming big, family, love and discovering the power of music. ​Meet the cast.
Greg Atkins Teaching
Summer Vacation Update: Conservatory Instructor Greg Atkins
Greg Atkins will be teaching two improvisation classes in South Coast Repertory's Theatre Conservatory in the fall​ which continues his more than three-decade relationship with the theatre.
Audience and Cast during a post show talk.
An Expanded Talkback Schedule
We've got an expanded schedule of conversations and talkbacks during the 19-20 season. The added events are designed to help give playgoers an even better experience at the theatre.