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Meet the Cast of The Sisters RosensweigMeet the Cast: The Sisters Rosensweig
A mix of SCR veterans and actors making their debut here bring back the ’90s in Wendy Wasserstein’s captivating comedy, The Sisters Rosensweig. Read on to meet the cast.
The Cast of Amos & BorisMeet the Cast: Amos & Boris
The new musical, Amos & Boris, is fun and funny—and the actors who portray the critter characters is a mix of new and returning actors all are diving into their roles. In this Q&A, they dish on what makes the show special.
Remembering Wendy and The Sisters RosensweigRemembering Wendy and The Sisters Rosensweig
Learn about The Sisters Rosensweig’s origins from the director who helped develop it.
Opening Night of The Sisters RosensweigParty Play: The Sisters Rosensweig
Wendy Wasserstein’s comedy The Sisters Rosensweig captured the First Night audience’s attention and never let up. First Night guests were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet and mingle with the entire cast ​at the post-show party.
Amos & BorisFinding Your Place in the World
Amos is the oddest mouse in Mouse Town. When he leaves for an adventure at sea, his life takes an unexpected turn and an unlikely friendship develops. Read on to learn more about the unlikeliest of friends in the new musical, Amos & Boris.
Amos & Boris PuppetsMeet Susan Gratch, Puppet Designer for Amos & Boris
As puppet designer for Amos & Boris, Susan Gratch had to create a whale, elephant, fish and other sea creatures. Learn more about Gratch and her design work in this Q&A.
Wendy WassersteinWendy Wasserstein’s Works Today
Playwright Wendy Wasserstein’s plays spoke to a generation of smart, ambitious women trying to navigate their desire to “have it all”—a fulfilling career and a family—in a changing world. Lena Romano re-examines the works for today’s world.
The Sisters Rosensweig VideosMeet The Sisters Rosensweig
In these videos, actors Amy Aquino (Sara), Betsy Brandt (Pfeni) and Eleanor Reissa (Gorgeous) dish on their characters and the play.
How First Night's Come TogetherHow “First Nights” Come Together
Opening Nights are special at SCR—find out about how these exclusive evenings are designed.
The Characters of CursedThe Characters of Cursed. Continue the Classic Greek Story of Antigone
Cursed., a new play written for SCR’s Teen Players, is a story of unrequited love and sibling rivalry. Learn more about the characters featured in this continuation of the classic Greek story of Antigone.
Amos & Boris Directors NotesCreating the Beautiful and Whimsical World of Amos & Boris
Jessica Kubzansky, director of the new musical Amos & Boris, explains the design challenges of creating a magical world involving mice, an elephant, a whale and other fascinating sea creatures.
Three Sisters PlaysThree Sisters Plays
From Shakespeare's King Lear to Chekhov's The Three Sisters to Wendy Wasserstein's The Sisters Rosensweig, ​sisters are important. Find out more about how playwrights have written about sisters in this article by dramaturg Jerry Patch.
Kristina Leach on Cursed.Playwright Kristina Leach: On the Process of Writing Cursed., Her New Work for SCR’s Teen Players
With her new play Cursed., playwright Kristina Leach explains her approach to writing specifically for teen actors.
Sofia Alvarez on Amos & BorisMeet Sofia Alvarez, Playwright of Amos & Boris
Playwright and screenwriter Sofia Alvarez makes her debut in musical theatre for young audiences with her adaptation of Amos & Boris.​ Learn more about her process of bringing this children’s classic to the stage.