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Sugar Plum Fairy Party PlayParty Play: Sugar Plum Fairy
Sandra Tsing Loh’s Sugar Plum Fairy captivated the First Night audience as they relived Loh’s desire to land a role in The Nutcracker. With Loh’s trademark wit, this tale received generous laughter and left the audience aglow with the holiday spirit. read more
Shakespeare in Love in MoviesFrom Academy Award-Winning Film to the Most-Produced Play of the Season
How did a popular movie released 20 years ago become the origin for the most-produced play in the U.S. during the 2017-18 theatrical season? ​Learn more about Shakespeare in Love’s journey from film to stage. read more
Interpreting Theatre PerformancesInterpreting Theatre for the Deaf Community
James Cummins has been involved with sign language for more than two decades. Besides coordinating SCR’s ASL interpreters, he can be found interpreting some performances. ​Learn more about James and the ASL team’s work. read more
Excerpts from Sugar Plum FairySandra Tsing Loh's Laugh-Out-Loud Sugar Plum Fairy
Watch excerpts from Sugar Plum Fairy, where angst, sibling rivalry and laugh-out-loud recollections all come together in this new holiday "classic." watch now
Sandra Tsing Loh on Sugar Plum FairySandra Tsing Loh is Tutu Much in Sugar Plum Fairy
We caught up with Sandra Tsing Loh in rehearsal for her play, Sugar Plum Fairy. She’s so exited—know what she told us? watch now
Sandra Tsing Loh and Bart DeLorenzoPerfect Ingredients for Hilarious Theatre: Loh + DeLorenzo
Dramaturg Jerry Patch nominates Sandra Tsing Loh for a Renaissance Woman of Theatre Award. Find out ​why he’d nominate the Sugar Plum Fairy playwright. read more
Was Ever a Scarf so Red"Was Ever A Scarf So Red?"
A 12-foot-long red scarf marks a transformative moment for Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. Find out what it means. read more
Relfections of the SeasonPoliticians, Poets, Playwrights, Pundits: Other Voices at Christmas
​The winter season may be a time of reflection—closing one chapter and starting a new one. We’ve gathered a collection of thoughts from a variety of artists, politicians and others. read more
Hisa TakakuwaHisa Takakuwa: Her Love for Language and Education Finds a Home in Theatre
We caught-up with Conservatory and Educational Programs Director Hisa Takakuwa to learn about her work at SCR, including her Shakespeare class. ​Learn more about this classically trained actor, director and teacher. read more
Sugar Plum Fairy CastRole Call: Meet the Cast of Sugar Plum Fairy
While there are only three actors in Sugar Plum Fairy…the many characters they portray fill up the stage with very big comedy. Meet the cast. read more
Sugar Plum FairyA Holiday Concoction of Preteen Angst, Sibling Rivalry and Ballerina Dreams
Sandra Tsing Loh’s Sugar Plum Fairy is a hilarious holiday tale of ballet auditions gone awry. In this alternate take on the holidays, The Nutcracker will never be the same! read more