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SCR Community: Stories to Connect Us

SCR Community is a new online series of free readings, events, interviews and community-centered stories. The series kicks off on Aug. 17 with MASA, a live, online fiesta with readings of four short pieces.

Diane Rodriguez
MASA Playwrights: A Slice of Life

The works of four playwrights featured in MASA celebrate the historical and cultural importance of masa. ​Find out more about them.

David Ivers an
SCR Season Update

Artistic Director David Ivers & Managing Director Paula Tomei with a mid-summer update. Watch ​the video.

Vincent Oliveri
Throwback Thursday: Vincent Olivieri

Oliveri has more than a dozen SCR sound designs to his name.  Find out some of his favorites.

4 words
Four Words

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Mission San Juan Capo
Celebrating ​Our Community

Our community partner for MASA, The Mission San Juan Capistrano, ​has a SPECIAL OFFER for SCR ​patrons!

Theatre Fashion
Theatre Fashion: Uniforms & Work Wear

​These costumes get to work!

Spot the Difference

How many differences can you find in this photo from SCR's production of The Tempest?

theatre masks
A Moment of Stagecraft: Comedy & Tragedy Masks

When people think of theatre, probably one of the most well-known symbols that comes to mind are the comedy and tragedy masks. Learn more about their history.


For Saturday story time we read an excerpt for Anastasia Krupnik.

The Fantasticks
Flashback Friday

Flashback with excerpts from The Fantasticks.

Warner Shook
Throwback Thursday: Warner Shook

A look back at director Warner Shook's favorite SCR productions.

Fact or Fiction Logo
Fact or Fiction: Playwrights & Commissions

Do you know SCR well enough to tell fact from fiction? Take the quiz and find out!

A Moment of Stagecraft: Ghostlight

Enter an empty theatre and you're likely greeted by a single, bare bulb—burning bright in otherwise complete darkness. Called a “ghost light,” it has a long history in the theatre with both practical and superstitious purposes for its existence. 

Mid-Century Modern
Theatre Fashion: Mid-Century Modern

40s, 50s and 60s costume designs hit the SCR stage!

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
A Moment of Stagecraft: Props

If you turn a set upside down and shake it, everything that falls out is a prop. SCR’s Prop Shop made a tree that actually grew leaves for a production of Fences. Learn more about props and how our artisans built the "​live" tree.